Jessica is the one woman band behind Bijoux Twenty Two. She lives & works from her home in South Yorkshire with her family & rescue dog Roxie.

Where did your interest in Jewellery spark from?

My earliest memory of Jewellery started more with gemstones, I used to love collecting tiny mineral kits & would dress up using my grandparents Costume Jewellery. My love for the precious kind came a little later in life when I purchased my first precious piece - an Antique Gold Opal Cluster Ring which I still own to this day, I think it's fair to say I definitely have a Jewellery addiction now!

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration is almost always drawn from Nature, sometimes I begin with the gemstone & the Jewellery will naturally form whilst I'm making. It's not often you'll see me drawing a design before I make it - unless it's a custom order. Most of the time the idea flows more naturally if I jump straight in & start making. My inspiration also comes from stories of the people I make for, it creates a more personal touch for the wearer, certain hidden meanings on the piece which only that person can relate to.

As well as Jewellery, what are your other hobbies?

I enjoy taking our dog Roxie for walks, especially when the sun is shining. Museums (especially ones which have good Jewellery Collections) are my favourite places to go. I also enjoy reading, I own quite a large collection of books - mainly Jewellery related of course! I love a cup of tea with a slice of cake to keep me sweet whilst I'm making Jewellery & when I'm not at the work bench I always make time for cocktails & dancing with friends.

Favourite quote?

"I have too much Jewellery" - said no one ever...